The United Kingdom stands out as the top choice for international students, attracting more than 600,000 individuals annually for a diverse range of academic programs.  Renowned institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, and numerous other prestigious universities make the UK a global hub for education. Degrees earned from UK universities carry international recognition.
The affordable education cost also solidifies the UK's status as international students' second most favoured destination. The UK consistently houses some of the world's top-ranking universities, which is evident in global university rankings.

Why Study in the UK? 

With a rich educational history, the UK has maintained its reputation as a premier destination for students, offering high-quality education within a welcoming environment.Various sectors within the UK's higher education landscape, including engineering, business, management, art, design, and law, lead the world.

Most UK universities offer opportunities for postgraduate studies, with some even guaranteeing sponsorship for Tier 4 visas, providing a seamless continuation of your educational journey.

Tier 4 Visa for Student Visa in the UK

Before proceeding with the student visa, understand the pivotal aspects of its pursuits to obtain the proper visa. 

The UK, acknowledging the diverse academic preferences of international students, offers two primary tiers of visas: the UK Tier-C Visa (Short-term) and the Long-term Visa, also known as the UK Tier 4 Visa.
UK Tier-C Visa/Short-term Visa
For your educational aspirations that lead you to a short-term course or language program in the UK.
This category is ideal for those seeking immersive language experiences, workshops, or brief academic engagements. 
UK Tier-4 Visa/Long-term Visa
For your extensive academia spanning over 90 days.

Documents Required for UK visa application

1. Educational Transcripts:
  • Submit comprehensive academic transcripts showcasing your educational background.
  • Include certificates or diplomas from previous institutions.
2. Acceptance Letter from the UK University:
  • Present the official acceptance letter issued by the UK university where you have secured admission.
  • The acceptance letter serves as proof of your successful application and admission.
3. Language Proficiency Certificate:
  • Include a language proficiency certificate demonstrating your competence in English.
  • Accepted language tests include IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other assessments recognized by UK universities
4. Letter of Recommendation: 
  • At least 2 letters of recommendation from your most recent professor are a must
  • A letter from the employer if you have worked with any company yet
5. Medical and Travel Insurance:
  • Acquire comprehensive medical insurance covering your stay in the UK
  • Ensure your travel insurance provides coverage for unforeseen circumstances during your time abroad.
6. Proof Of Financial Funds:
  • Demonstrate your ability to cover living expenses, tuition fees, and other costs during your stay.
  • Provide bank statements or sponsorship letters as evidence of financial stability.

Process of Visa Application for the UK Student

Why Should You Choose IntStu Aspirations for The UK?

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IntStu Aspirations is your dedicated companion in your endeavour to study in the UK. We offer vital support at every step of your educational pursuit. Here's how IntStu Aspirations can assist you:
  • Free CounsellingWe have a team of tailored experts and certified counsellors with 3 branches across Surat. Our expert counsellors provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your academic journey.

  • High UK Visa Success Ratio
    With a visa success ratio of 100%, IntStu Aspirations demonstrates a strong track record in assisting students through the visa application process. This high success rate provides reassurance to prospective students about the reliability and effectiveness of their services in navigating the complexities of UK visa procedures.

  • Extensive University RepresentationIntStu Aspirations represents around 300 universities in the UK, including prestigious institutions like those within the Russell Group. This wide range of options ensures that students have ample choices to find the best fit for their academic and personal aspirations.

  • Experienced and Certified Counsellors:IntStu Aspirations boasts a team of experienced and certified counsellors who are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide students through every step of their journey, from university selection to application submission and beyond. These counsellors offer personalised support and advice tailored to each student's unique circumstances and goals, enhancing the overall quality of the application process.

  • Student Visa Application:Get through the complexities of the visa application process with the assistance of our expert team. We are committed to helping you secure a UK student visa, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with all requirements.
Achieving these qualifying requirements guarantees that prospective students have the appropriate academic foundation and language skills to thrive in the UK academic setting. However, some programs and institutions may have extra requirements, so applicants should carefully check the admission standards given by the universities.

Top Courses in the UK

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Top 10 Universities in the UK

University of Bristol, UK
University of Glasgow, Glasgow
University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Queen Mary University of London, London
University of Liverpool, Liverpool and London
Queen`s University Belfast, Belfast
University of Leicester, Leicester
University of Dundee, Scotland
City University, London (INTO)
University of Westminster, London

Cost of Study in the UK

As an international student commuting to the UK without family members, you can expect to pay roughly £1300-£1400 a month in the capital or £900-£1300 in the rest of the UK to cover your housing, bills, groceries, and other necessities while studying.


Amount in Pounds 

Amount in Rupee

Exam Fees (IELTS - General/Academics) 
Tuition Fees
Living Cost
9207 Outside UK
1206 Inside UK
Visa Fees
Health Surcharge
1035 (Bachelors)
776 per year
Part-time earnings (LESS)

Intakes in the UK


Study Program

Admission deadlines

Fall (Primary/Main Intake)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Winter (Secondary Intake)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Summer (Third Intake)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate

The UK Post-Study Work Options

International students holding a valid Tier 4 visa in the UK can have the exciting opportunity to extend their stay in the country upon completion of their education.This extension is granted if they secure a job offer with an annual salary of at least GBP 20,800.
Find below the key details regarding post-study work options for international students in the UK:
  • Students can work up to 20 hrs per week during the study period for degree courses, which would be a part-time job.
  • You can opt for a 40-hour-per-week Full-time job during the holiday season.
  • In the UK, postgraduate students can apply for a two-year work visa.
To learn more about work permits and job opportunities in the UK, check out this link  

For detailed program information, assistance with admission processes, or to explore the benefits of studying in the UK, our dedicated team is ready to guide you.

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1. Which intake in the UK is best?

20,635 The September intake in the UK is regarded as the major or principal intake for all universities. During this intake, all universities in the UK offer eligibility for a broad range of degrees and get a large number of entries.

2. Can I get admission to a UK university without IELTS?

Applicants can get admission to a UK university without IELTS. For that, students must score at least 70% in English courses in their high school or complete a virtual interview done by the university.

3. How to get a scholarship to study in the UK?

Universities and governments offer a wide array of scholarships. The conditions will vary according to the course, university, location, and other factors. You could get partial or full scholarships. For more information, please contact one of our foreign education experts.

4. How can I get PR in the UK after studying?

In order to get a Permanent Resident card in the UK after studying, you need to live and work there for five years. If you plan to work in the UK after graduating with your education, you can obtain a Tier 2, T2, Qualified Employee, or International Athletes visa. 

5. Which is better, the United Kingdom or the United States, for higher education? 

If you can't pick between the UK and the US for studies, evaluate the budget, culture, and subject of study.

When studying abroad, you might select the UK for programs in the arts, sciences, arts, and biological sciences. Choose the United States for courses such as digital arts, STEM fields, and business. You can pursue higher education in either the United Kingdom or the United States, depending on your field of study.

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Trust me if you are looking for great guidance, supportive gurus and want to pursue your degree in the UK, there is no better team than Intstu Aspirations. They helped me boost my english speaking skills, guide me for interview rounds and even provided counseling for further traveling in the city. I am pleased to choose Intstu as my guide to my dream institute.

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Studying in Oxford Brookes University is a dream of every child and Yes! IntStu Aspirations has been the ladder for me to reach this destination. I thank the team for channeling proper guidance and helping with the process of my transfer.

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It is definitely a struggle to shift aboard, when you choose Intstu Aspirations the process becomes smooth and hassle free. With a staff so cooperative, expert suggestions and full transparency, I was able to move to the UK to my dream city smoothly. Intstu Aspirations, guided me with each step of my application process as well as trained me for the interview rounds. I am super excited to begin my journey here!

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Definitely, the place to come to if you are planning to study in the UK. Has experienced faculties that guide you throughout. I studied for my entrance test from here and have not been disappointed. The counseling is also great, and they help with essays, sops, interviews and everything in between.

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Harsh Lilawala

My experience with Intstu Aspirations has been amazing. Lots of learnings, support & guidance not only during IELTS but also during the entire UK visa application process.

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Shreyaska Panda

I'm really grateful that I chose Intstu Aspirations to handle my Visa file for the UK & IELTS courses. I thank the academy for guiding me in a proper channel and giving me so much confidence to speak English fluently. They have been so good with their learning skills, service, guidance, and advice with full transparency. All the staff of the organization are very much cooperative and helpful in every way. They are always available for you or any doubts you have. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

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It's one of the best institutions if you want to go abroad. The teachers and consultants here are so friendly and helpful. They make it easy for us as much as they can

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