Australia is a lot more than kangaroos, boasting eight of the world's top 100 institutions. An increasing number of Indian students are choosing to Study in Australia because of its excellent education, post-study job prospects, and high standard of living. 
Whatever degree you pick, you will be assured of exceptional academic achievement and a global educational support system.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Australia? 

Australia has some of the top universities in the world, a fantastic student experience, and diplomas that are highly valued by businesses worldwide. Experience the cultural diversity and brilliance of Australian educational programs with IntStu Aspirations.  

Students who dream of being a part of Australian educational programs need to acquire a few visa qualifications. You can apply for a Subclass 500 visa once you have signed up for a full-time academic course. 

Don’t worry! We are here to ease your application process and guide you to reach your destination seamlessly. 

Types of Student Visas in Australia

Type of Visa


Student visa
subclass 500
Student Guardian visa
subclass 590
Training visa
Perks of having a Subclass 500 visa as a student in Australia:
  • Enroll in your favorite program with eligibility to your course of study
  • Bring loved ones to Australia 
  • Ease of traveling within and outside the country 
  • You get to work for 40 hours for two weeks during the study

Australian Visa process flow

Australian Visa Validity for Sub-Class 500 

Course Duration

Australia Student Visa Validity

More than 10 months and ending in November/ December
For Instance, your program ended in December 2023, and your visa will be acceptable until March 15, 2024.
More than 10 months, but finishing between January and October
The visa would be valid for two months longer than the duration of your course. For instance, if the program ends in Feb 2024, your student visa will be accepted until April 2024.
10 months or less
The visa will be valid for one month longer than the duration of your course.

Why Should You Choose IntStu Aspirations For Australia?

IntStu Aspirations is your spot for comfort and knowledge while you prep for your Australian Study programs. From preparing for the IELTS exams to smooth visa application, you can expect all your concerns to be solved here! 

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  • Free Counseling: Our free Counseling service helps you consider your Australian study program. With expert advice and suggestions, we are here to ease your queries.
  • OSHC Insurance: IntStu Aspirations provides the right student health cover (OSHC Insurance) tailored to your needs. This ensures that you have access to essential healthcare services during your stay in Australia, giving you peace of mind and fulfilling visa requirements.
  • Extensive University Tie-Ups: With connections to approximately 43 universities, including prestigious Group of 8 universities, IntStu Aspirations offers a wide range of options for your academic pursuits. This broad network increases your chances of finding the perfect academic fit for your goals and aspirations.
  • High Visa Success Ratio: IntStu Aspirations boasts a high visa success ratio, indicating their proficiency in navigating the complex visa application process. By choosing them, you increase your chances of obtaining a visa to study in Australia, ensuring a smooth transition into your academic journey.
  • Assistance for Interviews and SoPs: IntStu Aspirations goes beyond just visa and insurance services by offering assistance with interviews and Statements of Purpose (SoPs). This support can be invaluable in presenting yourself effectively to universities, enhancing your chances of securing admission to your desired academic programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Our experienced team is ready to guide you if you need extensive program information, support with admission requirements, or simply want to learn more about the benefits of studying in Australia.

Top Courses in New Zealand

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Top 10 Universities in the Australia

The University of Queensland, Brisbane
The Monash University, Melbourne
The University of Adelaide, South Australia 
The University of Newcastle, Callaghan 
The Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. 
Curtin University
University of South Australia, Adelaide. 
Deakin University, Melbourne & Geelong. 
Griffith University, Gold Coast & Brisbane 
The University of Sydney

Cost of Study in Australia 

Australia can certainly be expensive when it comes to relocating as a student. With sound financial planning and strategies, you can find your living much smoother aboard. Visa and permit fees, tuition fees/university costs, lodging, food, and other expenditures are all part of the cost of studying in Australia. The table below summarizes students' living expenses in Australia.

Higher Study Options

Average Tuition Fee per Year

Visa Fee

The cost of living for one year

30,000 AUD and Above
650 AUD
24,505 AUD
Masters (MS/MBA)
30,000 AUD and Above
650 AUD
24,505 AUD

Intakes in Australia

Australia has two intakes in a year.
  • Intake 1: It begins in February and is the major intake.
  • Intake 2: It begins in July.
There are still a few universities that allow multiple intakes a year, even in September and November sessions. As a result, commencing your admissions process roughly six months before your interview date is highly recommended.

Australian Post-Study Work Permit Options

While Australia continues to offer excellent post-study work opportunities to international students, officials have announced yet another update, extending work privileges to up to 8 years in select programs.

This is a fantastic chance for all international students wishing to study in this hospitable country, as well as those who are already studying in Australia. 


No. of years

Bachelor degrees
4 years
Masters degrees
5 years
All doctoral qualifications
6 years
For detailed program information, assistance with admission processes, or simply wish to explore the benefits of studying in Australia, our dedicated team is ready to guide you.

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1. What is the GTE exam to study in Australia?

It is intended to ensure that undergraduates who come to Australia to study intend to return to their native country once their studies are over.

2. How much can I earn in Australia as a student?

Students living in Australia can earn enough money to cover their living expenses while also enjoying their time in the nation. Part-time jobs in Australia provide international students with an average hourly wage of AUD 34.62 or a monthly average compensation of AUD 67,500.

3. What is the Student visa fee for Australia?

Students willing to pursue their graduation in Australia are required to pay a fee of 650 USD (54,032 INR) minimum.

4. Is Australia good for International students?

Australia is currently the third most popular location for overseas students. It is a prominent global education hub that offers a leisurely lifestyle, top-notch amenities, a cosmopolitan environment, and numerous study opportunities.


Australia is one of the toughest universities to crack an interview with. I was stumbling on the interview part of my journey but thanks to Intstu Aspirations; the team has been extremely supportive and transparent. With the boost of confidence in interview cracking, I was finally able to move to Curtin University. A big thanks to Intstu Aspirations for preparing me for the biggest leap of my life.

Reviewer Image
Aniket bishit

My experience with Intstu Aspirations has been five star worthy. With great response and team that helps you with every query you raise, it's a blessing that I chose Intstu Aspirations as my ladder to success.

Reviewer Image
Drashtee suratwala

Being into Accounting I always focused on the figures which made my skills sharp but somewhere I lacked in my speaking skills. And we all know to crack an interview you require confidence, english and skills. Intstu Aspirations definitely gave me the boost that I needed to crack the interview round at South Australia University. I do recommend every aspiring student to chose Intstu Aspirations for guidance.

Reviewer Image
Raghav Rawat

It was my dream to study in the university of new south wales sydney and let me tell you Intstu Aspirations has definitely made it come true with extremely supportive guidance, experts and professionals in the team. If you are struggling to crack interview rounds or need to craft an SOP, they have got your back on that too!

Reviewer Image
Aryan chaudhray

Intstu Aspirations has been a great help in processing my application and visa process. The team has helped in each step in selecting an accommodation to smoothly clear the IELTS. Deciding to study abroad is definitely a big step, but IntStu has done a great job in relocating me here.

Reviewer Image
Dhruvil Patel

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