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Finland is a Nordic country that offers a high-quality education system, a safe and welcoming environment, and a variety of career opportunities for international students.

From public health, environmental law, chemistry, or cultural studies, international students can find a suitable degree program taught in English at Finland universities. Furthermore, work-life balance is also an essential aspect of Finnish culture. Work and study are vital in Finland, but so are vacations and halts in between.

The country provides a month's vacation to every individual to explore dense forests, making it the best location for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Finland Student Visa 

In Finland, you can choose the courses you want to study, making it easy for students to choose the best possibilities for themselves. It also helps them graduate with a more diverse set of skills than other countries. 'Academic Freedom' is a term used by universities in Finland.

Finland prioritizes skill development. According to an OECD report, with adults attaining only Level 1 or below in literacy, the country is increasingly giving explicit attention to literacy and numeracy, sustaining foundation skills in vocational education, and improving pathways into higher education. 

The government's National Initiative for Lifelong Learning and Digital Competences (NILP) aims to provide digital skills training to various groups using ICT tools and online teaching methods. 

Overseas students can always apply for scholarships associated with studying in Finland. Several universities provide funding possibilities for overseas learners, such as grants and scholarships. Scholarships are typically awarded based on academic performance. Some colleges may also offer completely paid scholarships, effectively making education tuition-free.

Finland Visa Application Requirements 

1. Finland University acceptance letter:
You will require an offer letter from the university when applying for a Finland student visa

2. Details on tuition and scholarships:
Your visa requires proof of scholarship and tuition fee. This will serve as a strong foundation for your visa approval.

3. Evidence of financial resources to support yourself in Finland:
Proof of financial stability is crucial when you decide to reside in Finland. This will provide a strong financial receipt for your visa. 

4. Document for student visa fee payment:
A fee payment receipt is yet another important document you must have. 

5. International health insurance for students:
Health insurance for every student is a must in Finland. Since the medical expenses may seem to be pricey for international students. 

Finland Student Visa Validity

Non-EU or EEA students are eligible to apply for a Finland student permit to study graduate and master's courses. Global students can study in Finland for both short and extended periods. 

For programs spanning less than three months, a short-term student visa is provided. For long-term study, a student residency permit is provided for one year. You can renew the course later, depending on how long it is.

Visa Processing Time 

If you register online, the processing time for a Finland student visa is 2 to 4 months, while it takes 3 to 5 months if you apply offline. Finland welcomes global students to study at the graduate, postgraduate, and master's levels.

Finland Academic Eligibility

  • A copy of the complete or official high school diploma or vocational certification
  • Record transcription. When applying for education programs, a minimum GPA of 50% is necessary.
  • Evidence of English proficiency
  • A clear copy of your passport's ID card
Acquiring these qualifying requirements guarantees that prospective students have the academic skills and language ability required to thrive in a Finnish educational setting. Also, IntStu Aspirations guides and manages student applications in Finland for specific programs and institutions that may have additional prerequisites.

Type of Visa

Application Fee (in Finland)

Fee-Paying Student Visa
330 - 600
Foreign Government Supported Student Visa
330 - 600
Exchange Student Visa
330 - 600
Pathway Student Visa
330 - 600

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IntStu Aspirations is your one-stop solution for ease and knowledge as you prepare for your Finland study programs. From IELTS exam preparation to getting the student visa in the first attempt, we are here to help you through every step. 
1. Free Counseling Services:
Our free counseling service assists you in making a sound choice about your Finland educational program. We are here to help you with experienced guidance and suggestions. 

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With our Campus Ready Programme, you may easily migrate to Finland, ensuring that you are prepared for your academic experience with the best course.

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In the institute, we guide you through a group discussion round and prepare you for the university interview as to what questions to expect in your university interview.

5. Visa Assistance:Our pros are available to assist you with your visa application and paperwork needs; all you have to do is contact us!

Top Courses in Finland.

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Top Universities in Finland. 

Finland is home to several highly esteemed colleges. These universities are the best in terms of excellent faculty and cutting-edge technology. Because of its renowned and QS-ranked universities, foreign students want to study in Finland.

Finland is a great destination for students who are looking for quality education at an affordable price. According to the OECD, the average annual tuition fee for non-EU students in Finland is between €5,000 and €18,000, depending on the university and degree program. This is relatively affordable compared to other European countries like Sweden or Norway. In addition to tuition fees, students are required to cover their everyday living costs. Monthly living expenses for students (including food, accommodation, travel, etc.) are around €700 – €900 depending on where you live and your personal living habits. Overall, the cost of studying in Finland is reasonable and offers great value for money.


Aalto University
University of Helsinki
University of Oulu
University of Turku
Lappeenranta University of Technology
University of Tampere
University of Jyväskylä
University of Eastern Finland
Abo Akademi University

Cost of Study in Finland. 

In Finland, studying costs consist of tuition fees for non-EU students, ranging from approximately €5,000 to €18,000 annually for bachelor's and master's programs taught in English. 

Doctoral-level programs do not charge tuition fees regardless of nationality. Additionally, students are responsible for covering living expenses, which typically amount to €700 - €900 monthly and vary based on location and personal habits. These expenses include food, accommodation, and travel. 

A nominal annual student union fee of around €50 is mandatory, providing access to student discounts on amenities like public transport and restaurants. For detailed information on fees and practical matters, students can consult their Finnish home university.

Intakes in Finland

Finland accepts two intakes per year.


Study Program

Admission deadlines

3-4 Years
Jan (Major) & July (Minor)
1.5-2 Years
Jan (Major) & July (Minor)

Work Permit Options for Students in Finland. 

International students can access career assistance at Finland universities. When you qualify from one of the universities and are seeking a part-time or full-time job, assistance is available.
Part-time Employment Opportunities for International Students in FinlandInternational students in Finland have the opportunity to engage in part-time work during their studies, subject to certain regulations based on nationality and job type.

Typically, students are unrestricted in working hours for roles aligned with their degree program, such as practical training or thesis-related work.

In other instances, paid employment is capped at an average of 30 hours per week. The minimum wage in Finland is determined through collective agreements and varies across industries and skill levels. Part-time job salaries average around €2,500 per month, with common roles including positions in
- Supermarkets
- Hotels 
- Restaurants
- Tourist Facilities 
- Saunas, and 
- Cinemas.
Full-time Employment Opportunities for International Students in FinlandUpon completing their studies in Finland, international students are eligible to apply for a residence permit enabling them to seek full-time employment or establish their own business, valid for up to two years. 

Upon securing employment, individuals must apply for a new residence permit based on their work status. However, a separate residence permit application is required for entrepreneurs venturing into entrepreneurship or freelance work. The average salary for full-time employment in Finland is approximately €3,500 per month, with notable sectors for international graduates including-
- Information
- Technology
- Engineering
- Healthcare
- Education, and 
- Business.

Before finishing college, 55% of university students had signed an employment contract. Furthermore, a student may be required to get a certificate even for a merely shoveling snow job as part of their part-time employment.

For detailed program information, assistance with admission processes, or simply wish to explore the benefits of studying in Finland, our dedicated team is ready to guide you.

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1. Why choose Finland University? 

Students who are curious about innovation, technology, and development must consider Finland for their further education. Finland offers a variety of curricula translated into English. Subjects like environmental science, technology, and design are the top picks in Finland. 

2. Can I work in Finland while studying? 

Yes, students with a valid residency permit can work up to 30 hours a week as part-time jobs. 

3. Are there scholarships available for overseas students available? 

Yes, Universities in Finland offer an array of funding opportunities for international students pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees. 

4. How do I apply to Finnish universities? 

To get your visa and university application process cleared smoothly, contact us today! Our skilled team and experts are here to provide you with excellent training programs, interview preparation, and visa assistance. 


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